I am Awake

buddha vihara

Once a student asked Buddha, ‘Are you the messiah?’
‘No’, answered Buddha.

‘Then are you a healer?’
, Buddha replied.
‘Then are you a teacher?’
The student persisted.

‘No, I am not a teacher.’
‘Then what are you?’
asked the student, exasperated.
‘I am awake’, Buddha replied.


5 thoughts on “I am Awake”

    1. I know what you mean. Such a simple statement, but each one of us awakens with something different. We each find some inspiration in life that leads to our awakening. Thanks for your visit. I too find much in the teachings of Buddhism and I can’t say that I am an expert, but Buddhishm calls to me in many ways. As one of my friends so aptly said, you do not go looking for Buddhism, it finds you. – Gargi

  1. Now its about the people are reading this story? Are they awake? 🙂 If they are not awake how can they decide who is awake and who is not. 🙂

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