Dreaming of Paro

Bhutan Paro Bridge
paro bhutan

When you talk about serendipity or a premonition or a calling you would probably say this dream of mine would be the closest to that experience. I dreamed of a beautiful place surrounded by water all around the village. The water was swirling, powerful and fast, but oh so blue and beautiful. It called to me to cross. Then I saw the bridge, almost the kind you see in rainforests, not too sturdy, yet a bridge that would lead me to bounteous spiritual enlightenment and a journey that would have an ending that can only be coined a beginning. The bridge seemed so very treacherous for someone so very uncoordinated. Yet, I knew I had to cross it, since beyond the bridge I saw this incredible monastery sitting high up on a steep hill. The climb would be arduous, maybe even dangerous or long, but I knew that at the end I would be enveloped by a cloak of peace. I needed to get to the top and I needed to do it soon. It called to me like nothing ever did.

And then I woke up. The frustration took over. How would I ever find this beautiful place of my dreams? I had no idea how to even look for it. There may be hundreds of monasteries around the world situated on hilltops. I went about my day and I thought to myself like I always do, “if it’s meant to be it will happen and I will find this place. It may take me time, but I will find it”. Yet, I had nothing to work with, no names, no places, no clue as to where it could be.

Then I went on facebook and went to a friend’s page to view her pictures. This friend of mine is as spiritual as I am and as fond of traveling. I saw her profile picture and cover picture and saw something that vaguely reminded me of an image in my dream. I went to that particular album of Paro, Bhutan. And there it was. The monastery. High on a hilltop, stunning and glorious. I went and searched other pictures and I saw the bridge that I had envisioned, the donkeys I had seen crossing up the steep incline and slopes of the narrow mountain paths and I felt as if I had been validated. I realized, I had dreamed this dream for a reason. I needed to go there, make it my life’s goal to travel one day to this beautiful place. It called to me, like no other place has called to me before. So I must set upon myself to make this journey happen soon.


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Paro”

    1. Dennis, you are truly filled with an abundance of wisdom and I know that what you say is true, that the right moment will reveal itself and it’ll all just fall into place. I just lack patience and I wish that time was now. 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness…. this is true premonition. Or the sould-level knowing we talk about. Things that are yet to come but the soul knows well before they manifest in your life! And so go, we must!
    For some reason, despite it being so close to India, I haven’t gone yet myself….so we must make it our life’s goal to go one day together.
    Perhaps this is the one journey that will re-unite us sisters again like the sisters we are in spirit!

    1. I believe you are right. I know I have been waiting to go, but was not sure exactly what I was waiting for… strange also that you were so close and never went either. Yes, we will make it our life’s journey to go together and I am sure it’ll be an immensely fun and adventurous trip for us.

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