Who will Fellowes Kill Off in Downton Abbey, Season 4?

With every Downton Abbey season we wait to see not only the plot developments, but wait with bated breath for the untimely demise of one principal character or another. Last season, Julian Fellowes killed off not one, but two of my favorite cast members. Feisty, strong willed, opinionated, unconventional Sybil reminded me most of myself and I felt so despondent about her death. It was tragic and unexpected. Although, a little spoiler told me of Matthew’s death, the delivery of it was heart wrenching. Fellowes has no mercy. Matthew was truly noble, filled with ethics and truly worthy of running Downton in a progressive manner, not to mention, incredibly dashing and handsome. My heart went out to Mary and the new baby. What a way to crush a happy, blooming family. Knowing that Julian Fellowe’s spares very little mercy on the audience, who do we anticipate will get the axe in season 4? The popular belief is that Mr. Bates is next in line to die. I think he ranks number one for throwing himself into the fire from the proverbial Downton frying pan and having a penchant for attracting trouble.

More than likely, Mary, Hughes, Carson, and most of the underlings are safe. They are characters that are essential either because they are too big or too small. We need arrogant, haughty, spoiled brat of a girl like Mary to attract suitors who will come and go on the show. We need Edith to trap unwittingly old and complicated men who leave her either at the altar or somewhere in between, so that the viewers can shake their heads at all her missed opportunities. We need the underlings to keep the house going. No one will cry or shed a tear if any of the nonentities fade away like Lady Isobel, Patmore, Branson(maybe a little since he has the baby now), Daisy or Ethel. Lady Rose is too new and too cute to do away right now. I think they need Thomas Barrow to cause trouble so they will probably keep him. I think Fellowes would be ridiculously stupid to get rid of the Dowager who is absolutely crucial to the wit and humor of the show. Martha Levinson, aka Shirley MacLaine is the only match for the Dowager in a tongue to tongue battle so she’ll be there in spot cameos. So, the most likely contenders may be Lady Cora, Bates, Lord Grantham, Anna and I am  throwing in Barrow into the mix for fun. My bet is on Anna (just a gut feeling) !!! Don’t let me sway you though. Give me your opinion.

Why don’t you vote to see who is most likely to leave next in season 4. You can also leave a comment as to your reasoning for choosing that character that you think will meet an untimely death from his/her maker, Julian Fellowes.

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