Look Up and See What You Might be Missing

“I have 422 friends yet I am lonely…” I may not have 422 frends on facebook, but that is also a true statement for me as I type my blog post and reach out to a few, as I go on facebook to see what my friends are doing, as I text to see how my kids are and if I don’t text them I may not get an answer for quite a while. I feel lonely and empty sometimes in a world that is full of wanna-be-robots dictated and overpowered by technology. In a world that is submerged in social media, we have so many friends, but how many do we truly know well and how many know us well enough to be able to describe our inner most thoughts and identify us as a human being. How many of your friends really know you, the essence of you? If we do not look up from our texting, look out into the world, leave the bed and computer, chat rooms, and webcams, do we have a chance of finding out the beauty in a person’s expressions? Can we read when they are unhappy, jubilant, in need of company or emotional support or simply, can we read their struggles and learn to help them through all the internet channels, devices, and wired connections? Do we understand the warmth of holding someone’s hands or feel the pain when someone’s tears fall down his/her face? Or do we not even want to feel anymore? Are we incapable of knowing how to deal with emotions? Can we truly connect if we don’t look up and look into each others’ eyes and share what is deep within our souls? Perhaps we want instant gratification of answers and communication more than spending time in a world where we actually have to take time to meet someone and get to know someone. Watch this video and see how powerful a message it provides for all of us. Please make a little change in your life in communicating and trying to feel what someone else is feeling by looking at them, hugging them, interacting with them and reaching out to them in person and actually talking. This will separate us from robots in the world to come. I truly hope you see a bright and beautiful world filled with amazing people as you look up!


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