An Indian Flash Mob

First of all let me define the term “flash mob” to those who are a bit confounded by this phrase. The “flash mob” concept was started in 2003 by a man named Bill Wasik who emailed the instructions for the first meet-up from an anonymous account, sending it to what he calls a “fairly representative cross section of hipsters”. In June of 2003, the first successful flash mob was presented at the Manhattan Macy’s department store. A group of 100 people received instructions to gather at the Macy’s rug department giving them directions  to tell the employees they lived together and were shopping for a “love rug.”

Today using social media, email or any other digital medium a group is formed to come together for various purposes of entertainment or social causes to perform or enact a group event that is generally choreographed earlier and presented to unwittingly clueless audiences in an impromptu fashion. Most of the time it is a dance sequence. In this case, I went to Edison, NJ to support my dance group, Satrangi School of Fusion. The school had organized a flash mob dance sequence in the heart of the Edison’s, Oak Tree Rd. shopping district. The children’s age group ranging from about 6 to 20 something year olds performed dance numbers to popular Bollywood songs in front of clueless and awestruck shoppers in the shopping district of Oak Tree. As you can see, in a flash mob it starts with a few and then the number of dancers get added on to create more energy and excitement in a well choreographed dance sequence. It is one surprising experience to see not only the flash mob dance in front of a crowd of unsuspecting shoppers and audience, but also to see the spectator reaction in all this.


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