“I is Kind, I is Smart, I is Important”

yin yang

I was watching “The Help” today again for the second time and appreciated the movie/book all over again as I heard the little girl in the movie say the words “I is Kind, I is Smart, I is Important” which she learns from her African American nanny. The beautiful little baby  girl does not see her nanny’s dark skin color, but loves her for who she is. It’s a quote that all of us should repeat like a mantra to give us reinforcement of our worth. Sometimes we forget our worth. It’s funny how little kids do not see color and discriminate against that because they are pure of heart. They do not judge us if we are fat, not as attractive, if our hair looks bad one day they do not make derogatory comments, or if we have acne they do not tell us to use expensive skin care products. If we do not wear designer clothes it doesn’t matter one iota or if we just look plain run down or have circles under our eyes, little children do not see all that. The little ones see inside of us, they see our spirit within.  They are the ones who see our true worth.

It’s funny that as people get older they start discriminating. They become harsh and judgmental. The differences in people become a source of contempt rather than something they should enjoy and learn about and experience. The duality of life is quite impregnable. It’s hard to tell someone who firmly believes that you are not a great person that you are indeed worth something. If that person is convinced you are not beautiful or good, there’s no convincing him/her otherwise. On the other hand, to someone who loves you, it’s hard to make them see that you do have flaws and that you are indeed human. I am not religious, but I do believe that we find our gods and demons right here on earth.  I believe that we don’t have to wait for our heaven and hell when we die; it’s right in the here and now. Here on earth, there are those cruel enough to bring us down. They tell us we are not worth it; that we are not good enough, we are not smart, or beautiful or we should not be cherished because we are different. And then we meet the angels in this world, who constantly reinforce our self-worth and our virtues. They are our angels and they shine light on us and surround us with this surreal aura of beauty. This duality is in essence the duality of good and evil. It surrounds us and either lifts us or devaluates us. It’s really up to us how we choose to deal with the duality. Do we have the strength to resist that evil and not allow those decrepit, miserable souls to pull us down or do we move to those who constantly help us with their wisdom and kindness to achieve our greatest potential. It’s in our power to do choose. Our problem is that sometimes we do not see the demon who lurks behind a pretty face or we do not recognize the angels passing by. It’s up to us to recognize the duality and find a way to choose one over the other as they pass through our lives.


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