The Velvet Underground – The Fleetwood Mac Reunion Tour

The Velvet Underground was the reference that Stevie Nicks made as she nostalgically spoke of her roots during the Fleetwood Mac Reunion Tour on October 11, 2014 in NJ. She still looked like the “gypsy” that she was while she spun around on stage in her long black Bohemian attire and gold shawl. She spent her early days in San Francisco in a small apartment with paper flowers and a bed on the floor that she would cover with lace. Her long time love and romance stood next to her passionately strumming his guitar. Lindsey Buckingham played with all his heart and soul the most amazing guitar pieces that took us back to decades of beautiful music that would forever remain in our hearts. Fleetwood Mac spanned several decades from the 70s till now and when you saw the crowds at the stadium, they still were able to capture hearts today with their music and lyrics. The reunion that brought Christie McVie back with the group and back on stage was incredibly memorable and brought tears to our eyes as she sang with her deep, throaty, soulful voice. Mick Fleetwood was charismatic as ever on the drums and was larger than life. John McVie’s presence was quieter but no one can forget his part and important role in Fleetwood Mac.

It took you back to decades past. The music ebbed and flowed and moved you back in time to your youth when life was less complicated. Listening to songs like “You Can Go Your Own Way”, “Don’t Stop”, “Everywhere”, “Songbird”, “Gypsy” and all the great hits that took you back like a movie reel to moments in high school or college. There were memories attached to those songs and sweet little romances linked to those lyrics that made you feel heady and giddy all over again. My only regret was that they did not sing my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, “As Long As You Follow”. However, it was magical and beautiful and reminded us that no matter how successful, how rich, how poor, how powerful, how hurt, how bruised, how tortured, how blissful, how difficult life gets, you never forget those roots and all the struggles and all the victories that made you who you are today.

Stevie Nicks refers to the “Velvet Underground” in her song “Gypsy” because that song is autobiographical. She went to the Velvet Underground before she became rich and famous to buy some clothes that were characteristic of her style and the place had clients that were famous musicians. She went there and found a treasure trove of things that inspired her to become who she really wanted to be and to follow her dreams. She never forgot that store, never forgot her roots. Even to this day, sometimes she puts her mattress down on the floor and spreads the lace on the bed to remind her of how she started. Almost like a gypsy wanderer looking for that fame and fortune and she made it. They all mad it in their own way. Her message was that if you believe in something, go for it no matter how hard it seems or however many discourage you to do otherwise. Follow your heart and dreams no matter what. What a triumphant message and what amazing songs to carry away on a brisk fall evening.

The Velvet Underground was more than just a store, it was her start and her turning back to her roots. So I leave you with memories of your Velvet Underground, wherever that may be and leave you with a piece of of Fleetwood Mac today, here and now as great and as monumental as ever. Here’s the link that will take you to their webpage and their tour dates. Please go see them and relive the magic of their music.


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