Your Birth Path


I am so pleased to say that I have a series of three posts that are coming up which will be written by a guest writer, Helen, who is a specialist on numerology. I was a skeptic in the beginning when I thought about how numbers can mark the patterns in our lives, but when I started charting all the number patterns with Helen, there were remarkable patterns that could not be passed off to chance or be shrugged off as coincidental correlations. We all have numbers that appear over and over in our lives and are influential numbers of numbers to watch out for in dates or events. We just do not look as carefully as we should to see if there is such a pattern. Here is the first part of three wonderful articles written by Helen, the last of which will tie up numerology with the characters of Downton Abbey. Helen and I are both great fans of the show and it just made sense for Helen to perform some number analysis on the cast of Downton Abbey.

Helen’s Analysis of Our Birth Path

The date of your birth reduced to a single digit tells a lot about the path you will follow in life. How you react to things, how you relate to people, and what your inner needs are and how you express them. Due to the confines of space we will touch only on the surface of these things. Perhaps enough to whet your curiosity to explore the subject more in depth.To find your birth path add the value of the month, day, and year you were born and reduce it to a single digit. Using  the date I am writing this as an example: October 17, 2014. Add all the numbers together: 1+0+1+7+2+0+1+4  = 16 = 1+6 = 7. A person born today walks the path of 7.Below is a brief description, and I repeat brief as there is much more to each number than space permits here.

One:  This is the individualist. The person who wants to lead, be first, do things their way. Very ambitious and can be arrogant and egocentric. They cannot accept defeat.

Two: Where one likes to do things on their own, two likes to have a partner. They want harmony, do not take change well, very good mediators and very consoling in times of unrest.

Three: Very creative, talkative, can persuade others to their way of thinking. They do not do well with criticism as they are overly sensitive. They have a good sense of humor, like social events, and treasure their friends.

Four:  The true worker. They are detail oriented, see projects through to the finish. They do not do well with change and can be unreasonable when asked to do something they don’t want to do. Good managers and usually very loyal to those in their immediate circle. Worriers.

Five: They are the risk takers. Love action, change, travel, adventure of all kinds. Restless .Excel in sports and entertainment. Strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Heart rules their head. Quick temper, and love a good time. Usually successful.

Six:  Family comes first. The domestic divas. Love taking care of people,  and can sometimes smother them. Make good medical people,  work well with children and animals. Good listeners. Needs to be appreciated or will act in reverse of all they feel they should be.

Seven:  Possesses a very analytical mind. Always studying things, critiquing. Great in all areas of academia and usually respected for what they do. Strong intuition and very spiritual. Good public speakers. They usually can win any argument.

Eight: Money and success are their goal. Do well in business; part of a corporation or their own business.Very ambitious. Hard workers and the true ladder climbers. Not always diplomatic, and find it hard to express emotion, especially men. They feel it, but don’t say it.

Nine: Humanitarian. They have great people skills and work well with the masses. Good at politics, anything that requires an open mind and negotiation . Very creative, good writers, always keep something of themselves hidden from the world, but enjoy being part of the world.

This is the pattern of your personality. How you deal with things, how others see you. Each year following your birth you have a different number affecting you, always being represented by the basic birth path number. These are your personal years.


3 thoughts on “Your Birth Path”

  1. Helen, thanks so much for giving me wonderful and interesting content on numerology which will spark much interest in my audience. I want to share with all that I am the number 4, so it is a work number. Everything I do comes with much work involved. Nothing comes easily. I do not like change. I like everything to be as it is especially if I like the situation I am in and in my comfort zone. I will give you a few examples of how “4” has played an important role. Recently in a month with the date of “4” I got an important job offer. I was supposed to be interviewed by 7 people but was interviewed by 4 people. There were several other patterns related to 4, but offhand I can’t seem to remember them now. The numbers 19 and 24 according to Helen will also play an important part in my life and I have started noting down that during each month on the 19 or 24th or both days something important does happen. AMAZING, if we only look at the number patterns what we would find out about us! Thanks Helen for your inspiring wisdom. Love, Gargi

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