IMG_7891I have come to this point in my life through much exploration and through a rigorous search of who I am. I haven’t really found all the answers, yet the exploration continues as I evolve. I am a nomad and wanderer; living a life of wanderlust. I can’t settle in one place too long before I am itching to find some place of interest. I am a paradox; I find good in bad and bad in good. I try to find the optimism in the pessimism and prepare for the worst so I can ready myself to be the best. I am passionate and artistic, creative and spiritual, yet am not burdened by organized religion. I treat people the way they treat me. Many times I need to search hard to find the flowers in the bed of brambles and the beauty that may seem unattainable and far reaching. I have been knocked down and flung far and wide, but my motto is to never give up on what I believe. I always need to look for the beauty, the far reaching light that guides me to my treasure trove. My road is never easy, but I feel that I must conquer it and find my true path and my destiny. It may be fraught with struggles and conflicts, but after all’s said and done, I trust that all hardship has helped me to become stronger and hopefully wiser. I look forward to meeting many wonderful people as I travel through my blog and my wanderings. — Gargi


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I am only Awake when I live life with the utmost passion. I am inspired by great writing, art, music, photography and all that awakens the senses in me.


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