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Manmohini 2014 , a Grand Success

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Manmohini finally made its splash this year with 200 children performing in about sixteen dances for about 3.5 hours with spectacular costume changes. The show was a feast for the eyes with a captivating storyline tied into fabulous dance numbers. The dances combined Indian Bollywood steps with hip/hop and current dance styles. Some dances featured lyrical moves along with the ethnic Bollywood styling. All the costumes were dazzling and the dancers of all ages starting from 6 to their 20s made an impression on the audience with their layered and intricate dance pieces. Rohit Baxi, choreographer, producer and director of the show describes the satisfying culmination of a great evening featuring Winter Manmohini 2014. Enjoy the highlights of the show.

Click on the picture to see video highlights of the show featured on AVS.

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A Start To My Writing Career?

Manmohini Scenes from 2012 and 2013

I suppose nothing works better than a TV appearance (tiny as it may be) to give me a jump start in a writing career or be a great motivating factor to keep writing.

In all of my years growing up (and I haven’t stopped growing up yet), I have always talked about doing so many things. I have wanted to be a doctor, an artist, an interior designer, a fashion designer, a software engineer, a teacher, a graphics designer, a journalist and above all an eminent writer. Some of these professions I have managed to become involved in, but I still have time to dabble in others. The one constant in all this has been my enthusiasm and passion for writing and throughout all the stages of my life I have turned to pen and paper (now the word processor) for penning down my thoughts. I have been a logophile and a bibliophile since I was little, always expressing myself best through words (yes, people would roll their eyes at me when I used big words like that, as if I was trying to show off). It wasn’t showing off, but just a love for words and being intrigued by fancy words. When I would get emotional, I would write. When I was happy, I would write. When I would become angry, my words would flow like something from a Jane Austen novel and would never be a typical rant and rave with curses. When I felt I needed to tell someone off, they would get an elaborate email expressing my sentiments and emotions from me. Books were my friends when I was young and being an only child, I sought the company of characters from books until I became more outgoing. I have been told by others that I have the capacity to move them with my words.Whether it’s a gift or a talent, I do not know, but I do know I need to feed my soul by writing. I do it for myself, but if others reap the benefits from my thoughts and words, I have managed to fulfill something greater.

In some serendipitous way, I was told to write a script for an Indian dance drama which was started by a South Asian Dance group called Satrangi created by Rohheet Baxi. This was written in the style of a Broadway production with music and songs that would go hand in hand with the story plot. The first script was named Manmohini 2012. It was about reincarnation and the story of a beautiful woman named Manmohini set in the 1940s when India was in turmoil and fighting for Independence with Britain. The woman dies in the early part of the script only to return as Mohini in current times (2012). She meets a man named, Raj, in 2012 who is convinced that they were lovers in their past lives. The dance drama, resplendent with elaborate costumes, lavish dances and a plot about reincarnation (that appeal to most Indians who believe in this philosophy) was quite successful and well received. This set the stage for a sequel. I wrote the script for the first dance drama, Manmohini 2012 diving into a romantic storyline. The second Manmohini in 2013 was written by Rohheet Baxi since I had previous commitments and that too received great accolades. Manmohini has become a winter tradition now and the crowd in the NY/NJ/PA area looks forward to this production every year in the late winter/early spring time frame. This time, I was fortunate enough to write the script for the third installment of Manmohini for 2014. The script this year revolves around the mystery/suspense genre and will be performed on March 30th in NJ. The teaser for this show was aired on a TV show called AVS (Asian Variety Show) last week. I will provide a full review of the show after it has been performed on March 30th at Wilkens Theater in NJ. My portion comes about 1 minute and 35 seconds into the telecast and I have another brief appearance at the very end.

I truly hope Manmohini 2014 is successful and will boost my ego and my desire to continue to write. Thanks for viewing the video and giving me support and encouragement in my writing endeavor. Please click the image to see the video presentation of the curtain teaser for Manmohini 2014.

Curtain Teaser for Manmohini 2014 presented by AVS

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