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The Numbers of Downton Abbey


Here’s one for the Downton Abbey fans related to all our previous numerology analysis. This one was beautifully written by Helen, our numerology specialist and ties in the previous two posts and brings to life the Downton Abbey characters with a new perspective!

The PBS series Downton Abbey has the distinction of being the most popular series of the network. People from all walks of life and ages are eager to find out what is happening upstairs where the elite Earl of Grantham and his wife hold court with their three attractive daughters. And not to forget his mother Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Audiences are equally entranced with the doings of the downstairs staff led by Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes and their staff of assorted characters.What is interesting in series shows is how often the birth path of the actor relates to the role they become known for in the show. Nowhere is this clearer than the cast of Downton Abbey.

Julian Fellows, the creator of the show, is a birth path number 3. True to the meaning of 3 he is creative and a very good writer. His knowledge of the period the show takes place, his imagination of the situations, and the building of the characters, is showing the true meaning ofbeing a 3.

Robert Crawley, The Earl of Grantham, played by Hugh Bonneville is a 4. Stern and formal and deeply involved in the managing of the estate. He can be a bit stiff, and when the chips are down, and for him they have been, he shows his more vulnerable side.

Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, his wife, played by Elizabeth McGovern is a 6. Everything is family to her and she gave up her American life to come to England, marry which is important to her, and become a countess, along with a large bankroll to save the estate. Everything for home and family. Robert and Cora have three daughters.

The first daughter is Mary, played by Michelle Dockery. She is a 1 and the true leader of the pack. She puts herself before everyone, and due to circumstances is suddenly in charge of the estate having to work with and against her father. Very hard for his 4 to deal with, and right in tune with her 1 path.

The second daughter is Edith played by Laura Carmichael, is a 4. Edith is the serious sister obeying all the rules and absorbing the hurt that often goes with them. Edith has had more thanher share of disappointments and heartbreak, but has remained steadfast and has carried through moving on with her life.The third daughter

Sybil, who was played by Jessica Brown Findley was a 5. She has passed on. She played that path to the hilt defying all protocol and convention and marrying the estate’s chauffeur, Tom Branson. Played by Allen Leech he is a 6 and has remained on the show in a no win elevated position. Exercising his family obligations, and possible romantic position keeping him connected.

The Dowager Countess, Violet, Robert’s mother played by the indomitable Maggie Smith is a 3. Her creative ability to immerse herself in any role is showing the true talent of the 3, and the added sense of humor makes her stand out in the show.

Matthew Crawley played by Dan Stevens, and briefly married to Mary was a 4. He was killed in an accident in series three, and would have been the sole heir to Downton. He came on board with new ideas and plans for Downton, bucking against Robert. At his death, his wife, who was his distant cousin and Robert’s daughter, inherited the position.

Isobel Crawley, played by Penelope Wilton is a 1. She is Matthew’s mother and keeps her hand in the affairs of Downton, dealing with  Violet and Robert as necessary. She is an outspoken woman and very concerned with charity and service leading many to her associations.

Martha Levinson played by Shirley MacLaine, is a 9. She adds spice to the family as Cora’s   unconventional mother from New York. Her bantering with Violet adds a punch of great humor to the show.

Going downstairs to the staff we meet Mr. Carson played by Jim Carter, who is a 4. He is in charge of the male staff and  the personification of the number 4 in his stern manner, strictly business no nonsense approach to matters of the estate and staff. As with all 4 birth paths thereis a soft side to him, but he tries to cover it. Mrs. Hughes, played by Phyllis Logan a 6 , manages the female staff and all housekeeping duties.She is the motherly, always understanding, perfect 6 treating the staff as family. She softens Mr. Carson and they are a silent romantic interest.Thomas Barrow one of the valets played by Rob James Collier is a 1. He is a conniving individual who is bent on becoming important and goes to traumatic lengths to get his way.  His partner in crime was Miss O’Brien, played by Siobhan Finneran a 7. Presently she isn’t on the show but hopefully she will return in the future. The silent, plotting, 7, she instigated severalmost unfortunate situations, always appearing innocent. She had a gift with words and could explain her way out of things.

The valet Mr. Bates played by Brendon Coyle a 6 and his wife the lady’s maid Anna played by Joanne Froggatt a 2 have given some of the most interesting performances. He having a connection to Robert from the past and coming to Downton in search of employment just as he was accused of killing his wife. He spent time in prison, but not before marrying Anna who has had her own share of problems, having recently been the victim of rape by one of the valets of Mary’s suitor. Both Mr. Bates and Anna show their numbers through their characters. He in the role of caring for the Earl and she in being the more submissive and anything for peace personality. I was unable to obtain the birthdates for Mrs. Patmore the loveable cook, and Mr. Molesley.

Whatever fates Julian Fellowes has planned for them in season five, they are all in the perfect role for their birth paths. What is interesting is that in “real” life there are some big changes coming up for several of them. Brendon Coyle will experience some rather somber events in the next two years and the need next year he needs to take care of business and do some reorganizing in his life. Michelle Dockery is going to be experiencing a peak in her life that will require some well thought out decisions. Hugh Bonneville will experience a need to join forces with someone and cooperate in his quest for some changes. So will Phyllis Logan. Both will be pleased with some opportunity that presents itself.And Maggie Smith will have an opportunity to replay her destiny.

So, stay tuned and see if this analysis matches up with what’s to come for the next season of Downton Abbey. 


Who will Fellowes Kill Off in Downton Abbey, Season 4?

With every Downton Abbey season we wait to see not only the plot developments, but wait with bated breath for the untimely demise of one principal character or another. Last season, Julian Fellowes killed off not one, but two of my favorite cast members. Feisty, strong willed, opinionated, unconventional Sybil reminded me most of myself and I felt so despondent about her death. It was tragic and unexpected. Although, a little spoiler told me of Matthew’s death, the delivery of it was heart wrenching. Fellowes has no mercy. Matthew was truly noble, filled with ethics and truly worthy of running Downton in a progressive manner, not to mention, incredibly dashing and handsome. My heart went out to Mary and the new baby. What a way to crush a happy, blooming family. Knowing that Julian Fellowe’s spares very little mercy on the audience, who do we anticipate will get the axe in season 4? The popular belief is that Mr. Bates is next in line to die. I think he ranks number one for throwing himself into the fire from the proverbial Downton frying pan and having a penchant for attracting trouble.

More than likely, Mary, Hughes, Carson, and most of the underlings are safe. They are characters that are essential either because they are too big or too small. We need arrogant, haughty, spoiled brat of a girl like Mary to attract suitors who will come and go on the show. We need Edith to trap unwittingly old and complicated men who leave her either at the altar or somewhere in between, so that the viewers can shake their heads at all her missed opportunities. We need the underlings to keep the house going. No one will cry or shed a tear if any of the nonentities fade away like Lady Isobel, Patmore, Branson(maybe a little since he has the baby now), Daisy or Ethel. Lady Rose is too new and too cute to do away right now. I think they need Thomas Barrow to cause trouble so they will probably keep him. I think Fellowes would be ridiculously stupid to get rid of the Dowager who is absolutely crucial to the wit and humor of the show. Martha Levinson, aka Shirley MacLaine is the only match for the Dowager in a tongue to tongue battle so she’ll be there in spot cameos. So, the most likely contenders may be Lady Cora, Bates, Lord Grantham, Anna and I am  throwing in Barrow into the mix for fun. My bet is on Anna (just a gut feeling) !!! Don’t let me sway you though. Give me your opinion.

Why don’t you vote to see who is most likely to leave next in season 4. You can also leave a comment as to your reasoning for choosing that character that you think will meet an untimely death from his/her maker, Julian Fellowes.

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