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LOST – Ten Years Later

lost3September 22, 2004 marked the debut of a TV show that became a phenomenon. It’s 10 years later. REALLY? Where did those ten years go? Ten years have passed since we sat glued to the TV trying to predict what would happen next on the show or what something ┬ámeant. The show made its mark not only for the memorable characters that it depicted, but because it was spiritual and philosophical and the writing was so damn intellectual. It was an unforgettable experience and even today we are mourning the end of a show that kept us on the edge of our seats and guessing, always guessing!

The end of the series was interesting only because it left people sometimes more confused than enlightened. I suppose the writers kept it just so to let us know that life is full of mysteries and not everything has answers. Were the passengers really dead the whole time and we were just getting a glimpse into their past lives before their death? Was the island a metaphor for purgatory ? (That was my theory)

The writers have claimed that the survivors truly did live on the island but at the end when they showed all of them at the church they were truly dead. But why is it that after 10 years we can’t forget the show. It’s because of the cast and what they stood for. They became our family every week. We saw Locke’s and Jack’s persistent desire to lead with controversial ways of leading. We saw the love triangle of Jack-Kate-Sawyer and kept on trying to figure out who would end up with whom when it ended in a twist. Sawyer and Juliet? NO WAY!!! No one thought of that… but love comes as a surprise just as life takes us by surprise too. Sometimes love, lust, obsession sweeps us away like the black smoke monster and makes us do things we normally would not. The good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all there on the island and we need to work through it. We felt for Charlie when he died because he paid such a high price for his vulnerabilities. We mourned the death of Jin, because in the end he had made such effort to be the kind of husband Sun would be happy and content with. We felt that Kate had grown on the island and somewhere along the way managed to find some peace and reconcile some of her guilt. Ecko was so incredibly powerful and spiritual, but had a short lived role to my greatest regret. But my favorite was Desmond. Somehow there was such an incredible strength and resilience to Desmond. The one who sacrificed so much to keep entering “4 8 15 16 23 42” in the hatch because he felt he had to do it for some higher purpose. And the symbolism of the hatch? Faith…that if you do the right thing it would turn out fine until you stopped doing the right thing because you either lost faith or you just got plain tired of believing. I also got such a kick out of Sawyer and all that he said. His nicknames were hilarious and sometimes he would be irritating, but oh so handsome and funny in an irritating way.

It was one show you knew the characters had faults, problems and issues and all of them did in reality have some terrible secret or demon he/she was trying to conquer. However, you saw a little of yourself in one or more of the characters and they became human and real. They became our friends in a mysterious island where the only thing you had were each other in the end. It’s symbolism for conquering the demons that we all have inside of us. We have the potential to do good, but with equal weight we also have the potential to be swept away by the smoke monster and do something we may not be proud of, something dark and potentially evil. The island stands for that, life and its eternal mysteries and being able to survive and conquer our demons. That’s my whole analysis of the show. Stay tuned for the next preview where I discuss some of the philosophy of the show based on the character names.