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Serendipity – A Little Known Christmas Movie

A Favorite Christmas Movie of Mine – “Serendipity”


Around holiday time, people eagerly follow traditions of watching some of their favorite holiday movies. To each person, there is a special favorite that calls to them and brings back memories of days gone by or just brings a smile of nostalgia. Some well known ones that many speak of are: “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “A Christmas Story”,”Santa Clause”,”Elf” and many more popular titles that are shown many times in reruns prior to Christmas Day. One of my favorites is a little known movie called “Serendipity”. Somehow, that word has always been my favorite. In its very simplified form it means “a fortunate accident”. Perhaps you need to see the movie to better understand exactly what the word means and that goes beyond the simplified meaning that I provided. They demonstrate the meaning of the word over the length of about 90 minutes rather than describe it in dictionary terms. I love everything about the movie and I do mean that I hang on every word and every event that occurs in the movie with fascination.

John Cusack is always wonderful. He gets better and better with age like fine wine. Not only has he aged gracefully since his 80s period of comedy movies, but he has moved onto doing diverse roles in movies today. In “Serendipity” he delivers humor effortlessly and remains incredibly sexy in a charming, boyish way. Kate Beckinsale is probably every man’s dream woman with her sultry, stunning looks and feminine ways and a beguiling, British accent that will draw men in to listen to her talk over and over. What makes it a very holiday movie for me is that the movie has been filmed in NY city during the Christmas season and spans not just one season but several years in a circular fashion. I will not give away anymore. This movie cleverly shows how certain fortuitous events lead us to our fate and destiny. To those who do not believe in the concepts of fate, destiny and the ideology that we are led to follow a certain chosen path, those skeptics will definitely see problems with this movie. However, those who are romantic enough to believe that we are part of an intricate plan woven throughout our lives like a tapestry that can only be seen at a certain point in time, this movie will make perfect sense and hold you mesmerized at every twist and turn. Continue reading Serendipity – A Little Known Christmas Movie